We are committed to helping enterprises and people across the United States learn and master the skills of designing and building profitable adaptive systems that stand the test of time. We envision a world where the legacy money-drain does not exist.

You can help.

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How we help

DDD United States strives to connect, train and encourage adaptive systems designers all across America in these four ways:

1. Inform

We create content that helps people understand DDD more clearly and understand when it is useful.

2. Connect

We promote frequent gatherings of like minded designers. Conferences & meetups further our skills.

3. Train

We highlight and provide DDD training such as online and in-person workshops.

4. Design

We connect enterprises with people who can help solve today's design challenges.

DDD United States encourages you to attend the biggest national DDD conference in North America.

Tackling $2+ Trillion in Software Quality Losses-Anually

Companies are drowning in unnecessary tech debt. According to Synopsys, in 2021, enterprises in the United States lost $2.41 trillion, up 16% from 2020. The majority of the loss is mostly attributed to poor quality software. We aim to take this waste and turn it into profits for all companies in America.

Building a Community of Logical Software Designers

All across America there is a growing desire to do software better than ever. Corporate profitability, personal well-being, and innovation are among the many motivations. Sustainable adaptive systems are not out of reach. We are here to foster this growth.

About Us

Domain Driven Design United States (DDDUS) is a network of DDD Practitioners that assists Executives, Subject Matter Experts, Product Managers, Developers, Analysts and more learn how to contribute to the creation of adaptive systems.  From the boardroom to the cubicle to the coffee shop, we want to help everyone play their part in taking this industry to the next level.

Why Connect With Us?


The network of DDD Practitioners we connect with are all very experienced at building adaptive systems.


Skill reduces delay. We can guide you through a clear understanding of what DDD will provide you and how you can start to implement it.


When a product never seems to work well, it takes a toll on the budget and the people involved. When software works well, people feel it.


Less spent on maintenance means more freedom to innovate. This is a double win for the enterprise and team.

What Others Are Saying...

“I'm really glad to see this coming together! I feel that now more than ever our industry needs a strong focus on real problem solving, craftsmanship, and universal/timeless approaches to tackling complexity.”
Rob Eisenburgh
Chief Software Architect at Blue Spire | Web Standards, Open Source, Training, Consulting, Expert Witness
“I believe this is important because DDD is more than a buzz word. It's a way of building software that blurs the line between business and technology, to create better products and systems through effective cross-discipline collaboration.”
Nick Tune
Author of Architecture Modernization, DDD Practitioner, Speaker, Trainer, Consutant

Does Your Software Adapt Well?

It all starts with a belief that things really should not be as hard or as expensive as they are today.  If you believe your software and teams have room to grow, reduce costs, increase throughput, and produce less legacy software, let’s do this. We want you and your team to make incredible software that lasts.  

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