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Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Articles

Domain-Driven Design

Martin Fowler – “The Chief Scientist”: “The book introduced the notion of classifying objects into Entities, Value Objects, and Service Objects – what I call the Evans Classification and identifying the concept of Aggregates. I found these filled an important gap in thinking about objects which eluded both programming languages and diagrammatic notations. A particularly important part of DDD is the notion of Strategic Design – how to organize large domains into a network of Bounded Contexts. Until that point, I’d not seen anyone tackle this issue in any compelling way.” 

Domain-Driven Design: What is it and how do you use it?

Frances Banks – Former CMO – Airbrake: “Since DDD is so heavily based on the concepts of object-oriented analysis and design, nearly everything within the domain model will be based on an object and will, therefore, be modular and encapsulated. This allows for various components, or even the entire system, to be altered and improved on a regular, continuous basis.” 


Domain-Driven Design to Microservices Architecture

Kyle Brown – CTO Cloud Architecture – IBM: “The book isn’t about specific design notations or even specific classes of objects or patterns. Instead, it covers the general categories of objects that good object-oriented designers identify and work with. Those categories become critical elements of a good microservices design.” 

Domain-Driven Design Principles for Microservices

Tomas Fernandez & Dan Ackerson – Semaphore: “Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is a software design method wherein developers construct models to understand the business requirements of a domain. These models serve as the conceptual foundation for developing software.”


Fast and Furious: An Introduction to Eventstorming: The Easy Way to Achieve Domain-Driven Design

Steven A. Lowe – Former Product Technology Manager – Google: “Event storming catalyzes and accelerates group learning, often achieving in a few hours or days what more traditional modeling techniques never do—a common understanding of the domain in which the software must operate.”

EventStorming – From Big Picture to Software Design

Cedric Pontet – “In just a few years, EventStorming has become the de-facto standard, in the Domain-Driven Design community and beyond, to analyze complex domain, clarify domain boundaries, help identify your core domain, prioritize work, and move towards a microservices architecture.

Whether you are a software architect, a developer, a business analyst, a domain expert, a product owner, a UX designer, a tester, or any other role in your organization, you can leverage this simple but powerful tool to obtain better visibility and clarity on your domain.”


DDD in Just a Few Minutes

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Deeper Explanations

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Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Books

The White Book

A more recent publication, Learning Domain-Driven Design by Vlad Khononov is accessible for a wider audience and is recommended reading for Product Managers/Owners, Enterprise Architects, Engineers, and Executives alike.  This book is so good that we put it into our Journey Starter.

The Red Book

Vaugn Vernon has dedicated his career to helping people learn how to build truly reactive and adaptive systems using the best of DDD and Distributed Architecture. His book will broaden your thinking and give you even more design tools in you toolbox.

The New Book

Embedding DDD with the business strategy using emerging tools and thought leader advice is an art and a science. Suzanne Kaiser navigates those connections in a clear and usable manner. This is a book that is looking even more holistically from the managers needs perspective.

Additional Books on DDD

More Vernon

Scott & Nick

Jimmy Nilsson

Tutisani's Take

Domain Knowledge Crunching Books


Creator of Eventstorming, Alberto Brandolini presents, with some passion, his desire for all of us to cut through the smoke and mirrors of requirements gathering. Brandolini keeps this book alive by continuing to add content.  Click book cover image to go get it. 


Never hurts to have another perspective on a subject to deepen our understanding. Paul Rayner does just that with his offering on a concise way to think about and use Eventstorming. Click book cover image to go get it.

Domain Stories

More Modeling

Helpful Architectural Books

Excellent Architect Resources

And...For Modern Practices

DDD + Tech Books

Go Functional
DDD For Java
More Java
.NET Core
Spring Boot
DDD w/Golang
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