DDD United States envisions an enterprise software industry transformed into a fully-functioning design culture. This new era of software quality affords nearly every business the benefit of highly adaptive systems. This reality will result in the negligible existence of legacy software systems. DDD United States envisions an executive awakening and a design community expansion to enable this industrywide transformation.



Impact Every Enterprise with Effective Domain-Driven Design

DDD United States is committed to helping enterprises learn and adopt DDD. Domain-centric education enables greater product quality, improved contributor wellness, and a potential for increased profits, due to increases in software longevity and decreases in maintenance.


Foster DDD Practitioner Community Growth

To sustain the demand for enterprise software quality through Domain-Driven Design, DDD United States is committed to fostering the growth of the DDD Community of Practice. DDD United States will encourage practitioners of all experience levels to connect, train, and promote DDD in their spheres of influence.

We hope you will Join us.